This center supports international students by providing appropriate guidance, necessary information and advice. Key services are listed as below.


・Providing students with guidance and study advice during their school life

・Japanese language courses for international students

・Providing information on scholarships

・International exchange programmes between international and Japanese students

・Support for students accommodation



Japanese language education

International students are required to learn Japanese language during their school life and in the classes. It is preferable that they can pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 by the time they graduate, and they can make use of their Japanese language ability in the future.

International student support center offers Japanese language courses and basic law modules for the international students.


Student Life Support

We support international students when they encounter troubles during their school life, mainly by providing information on scholarships and study visa.


International Exchange

International students can learn about Japanese culture and customs through international exchange on campus and off campus. The center holds regular meetings to support the students in attending the local events on international exchange.