What’s Takaoka University of Law like?

Takaoka University of Law was founded in 1989 and it consists of a faculty of law only. Although it’s a small university, it offers quality degree programs featuring an active learning environment, which cannot be easily delivered within a large university.

Takaoka University of Law is located in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture, in the middle of Japan. The latitude of it is 36°40’ 10.4” north and the longitude is 137°0’ 4.8” east.


 Three Courses

Public Policy Course

This course aims to produce public servants, including administrative officers, police officers, firefighters and public interest executive officers of local businesses. The main subjects include constitution, administrative law, public administration, politics and local autonomy law. Students can also take subjects in preparation for the civil servant examinations.


Legal Profession Course

This course is for the students who enter a law school aspiring to obtain the qualifications for a judge, prosecutor and lawyer, and also for those who want to engage in the related professions, such as a judicial scrivener and social insurance labor consultant. There are a wide range of subjects that the students can choose to take according to their personal goals, which would prepare them for the relevant national examinations.


Business Administration Course

The purpose of this course is to produce competent office workers with basic knowledge of law. Students learn various subjects, such as economics, business administration and accounting as well as basic knowledge of laws related to business.

They also learn information processing and foreign languages so that they can contribute to the local community and the international society. There are courses, such as computer processing, foreign languages and bookkeeping, that prepare them for the qualifying exams.